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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Of The Dead

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Meet  Joy and Peace... Day of the Dead dolls.  
 I had the best time bring a spirit to these dolls. 
 Lots of time and detail. It was worth every second.  The base doll  pattern is from Frowning Francis....I took it from there.  Both dolls  have wood supports to make them stand. 
Hats are removable and you can place them in their hands. 
The "public" parasol stand is also removable....
but why would you? 
So many ways to display this fun and not frightful pair.  Joy is graceful and beautiful .  Her dress is multi layered she has black beads on her shoes..
Peace is a little rough around the edges.  He was a '60's guy...he is wearing a tee shirt, tie, and a bit of a designer boot .   It is hard to see all the little details.  If you would like more pictures..no problem. 
For now ...they are not for sale.  You can inquire though!       
Peace  to You!   

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  1. Hats off to you, Carol! Another amazing post. I understand why they aren't for sale...it would be so hard to part with such a labor of love! Excellent work :)