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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Up Close with The Bride and Groom

                                                  ....Until Death Us Do Part
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This Day of The Dead Bride and Groom was one of my visions that I brought to life.  I am so pleased.   I  thought about these two for  6 months.  I had no pattern for the clothes....The bride's dress is of an unknown fabric.....it was an ideal choice for this dress.  I created her medieval style ring-bracelet ....she will never lose it and to the groom's satisfaction the ring cannot be removed.   Her boa is  of the softest white feathers with a hand sculpted snake skull and rattler end.  A gentle plume of feather on her head is the perfect frame for her  most glorious face. 
The Groom  without doubt has found his love ....you can see it in his eye(s).  His tux,  a classical  Mexican 1920's look.   The hat sets low on his forehead....( she  may have to keep a short leash on this man).  I crafted the walking stick.  A fob and  movable chain with a key falling from his hand ....must unlock the hidden lock....I will never tell.
Sometime I hold back  when I am adding details....I didn't not on this piece.   I spent a great deal of time on this couple.  I should have been working on Christmas items for the store....NO....I needed to make the bride and groom and I am so glad I did.  They are going to a perfect forever home to live with my other two Day of The Deads, " Peace" and "Joy"...Merry Christmas Barb!

They will live forever in the memories of the those who dwell in FAERN-LAEGA.