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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Copyrighted 2011
   Meet Hog of Faern-Laega Art Dolls.  He is the wild thing of  the town... a low rider if you will.  Hog has American patriotic influences on his skull...the eagle is spectacular.  His chin, a nod to the good ole' days of flower power. Hog is an aged biker... look at that rat tail.     Doo-rag, of  "red white and blue".  Off  black "leather" studded jacket holds a pack of smokes: Camels. Biker boots painted with flames.   He stands 15 inches.
All clothing for Hog was custom  fitted to his body no patterns.

"Hog" copyrighted 2011

copyrighted 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011


Those who dwell in Faern-Laega are asking,"What happened to Grace"?   Grace is sweet.  She has a deep soul....yes she does.   Grace is my own creation with the exception that her blood tears were inspired from an unknown artists picture. Highly detailed with trims and handbeading, Grace is dressed completely in black from her bonnet, dress, pantaloons, to the Mary Jane booties I made for her.....all black and nothing but black.   That being said Grace is hard to photograph.  I will be taking more pictures of Grace and you can see her detail.  It is true a picture is worth a thousand words but.....if you only could see her in person.....we welcome you to visit and fall in love with Grace.  More later!